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Which is the most compatible e-mail client to receive KidMail messages?
How do I configure my child's KidMail account on other email software?
Why do I get Failed Delivery Messages?
How can I cancel my account?
Can I reach customer support by phone?
I'm not a subscriber. Can I get support anyway?
Can I access KidMail messages with other email clients such as Outlook express?
Is my KidMail account accessible from multiple locations at the same time?
I want to de-activate my account for one month or more.
How can I change my password?
Can I tell KidMail to update my client automatically?
How do I Sign in and Sign out from account successfully, while using another computer?
What if I forgot my password?
Can I see my login information?
Does use cookies?
What are privacy options while registering for
If I exit account, and someone hits the "Back" button or uses the "History" function on my browser, can they read my family's mail or access our account settings?
Can my KidMail 4.0 software and account passwords be changed at the same time?
How can I backup IncrediMail or Outlook?
I don't have an Internet connection at home. Can my kids access only from the library or school?
I have tried sending several emails to my child but when I log on I don't see them listed. Why?
How much time does it take after I approve a email message (or send for review) until it will be received?
How can I pay for my account if I don't use a credit card?
My child can't send email. I think my ISP blocks outgoing mail on port 25. What can I do?
How would my kid be able to use an email address that does not reflect the service, e.g.. rather than

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