KidMail logo Pre sales FAQs
Will other email programs work with the Safe Messaging Service?
If my child sends email to Grandma, does she need to have KidMail too?
Can I purchase the KidMail email program without the service? (and vice versa)
Won't it be tedious for me to review all of my child's messages?
Do I need to purchase KidMail for every child in my house?
My child already has an e-mail account. Can we use KidMail?
I've heard that it is impossible to filter 100% of pornographic SPAM messages. How can KidMail claim to make it safe for my children to use e-mail?
Why would my children want or need to use the KidMail software?
Does the KidMail e-mail program also filter messages?
Does KidMail have antivirus protection?
Do I need to enter my password every time I login to my KidMail Account?
How can I get KidMail email client updates?
How and when can I reach customer support?
My family uses an Apple Macintosh; can we use KidMail or
Our family computer runs Linux; can we use KidMail and
Is it right to read my child's email?
Why can't parents simply use a spam filter for their children's email?
What is the scope of the spam problem for children?
How many kids use email? What is their experience with spam?

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