KidMail logo Software Version 4.01
What is "KM"?
How can encrypted emails be viewed in Mail readers other than KidMail?
After setting up my child(ren)'s accounts online, my child is still not receiving e-mail.
Why is KidMail not taking up the full screen on my XGA laptop?
I trying printing with KidMail under Windows XP and get a File SaveAs dialog!
How do I disable the KidMail recorded voice instructions, music, or sound effects?
Is KidMail software available at stores and online shopping sites?
Does KidMail Software support POP and SMTP servers that require SSL connections?
Is there any way to locate the administrative password in KidMail client v4.02?
How would my kid be able to use an email address that does not reflect the service, e.g.. rather than

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