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Can I purchase the KidMail email program without the service? (and vice versa)

Yes, the KidMail email client software v4.0 can be upgraded for only $9.95 (US dollars) to be used with any POP3 SMTP email server. Please make sure your children's email server is accessible via POP3.

Since our company specializes in fun safe communication for kids (and peace of mind for parents), we prefer for families to experience the power of the KidMail software plus service as a combination.

However, we realize that some users will already have email filters that they consider adequate (though we caution against the use of any heuristic based filtering for children who will use email independently).

Therefore, KidMail v4.0 allows you to use it with any POP3 SMTP service (not just The KidMail software download is free. Initially, we suggest that you test can be using it with the safe email service, which is provided on a trial basis for free or nominal cost (depending on the active promotion). If you decide to use KidMail v4.0 with your existing POP3 SMTP service, you can click on a link from within the KidMail mail settings dialog. It takes you to a page at where you can purchase the upgrade. A special serial number will be sent to you. The KidMail serial number enables this capability.

The Spydersoft KidMail Safety version of KidMail that is available at retail stores and online shopping sites is pre-configured to allow use with other email servers. There is no additional cost if purchased in this fashion.

It is also worth noting that IncrediMail (recommended for use with by older kids and teens) supports several user identities and multiple email accounts. Both IncrediMail Premium and the IncrediMail free version can be configured for access to as well as other email POP3 SMTP servers.

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