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How many kids use email? What is their experience with spam?

More than three fourths of American kids (between 7 and 17) use email.
  • 76% of Kids Use E-Mail.
  • Parents Need to Supervise.
  • Older Kids Desire a Sense of Privacy.
We created the safe email service because it is almost inevitable that today’s children will need or independently obtain an email account. KidMail is the ideal way to ensure email safety for familes.

According to a study of 1000 children between 7-17 conducted by Applied Research:

“The survey discloses that most of the youths surveyed have personal email accounts and more than half of these kids check email without their parents' guidance. The findings show that 76 percent of the kids studied have one or more email accounts. When asked how often they check emails, 72 percent of the respondents said a few times a week to a few times a day. When asked how important it is to always have mom or dad check emails with them, nearly one in three said it is not important, 21 percent said they don't care and 16 percent said they don't want their parents to check their emails with them. Furthermore, when asked whether they get parents' permission before giving out their personal email addresses to friends or even people and Web sites with which they are not familiar, 46 percent of the youths responded that they do not.”
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The Solution is KidMail is a critically needed solution to the dilemma presented by these two trends: (1) vastly increasing amounts of inappropriate spam, and (2) email access becoming commonplace for children.

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