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What is the scope of the spam problem for children?

We created the safe email service because spam (junk email) is an enormous problem confronting parents.

  • Huge Amounts of Spam are Being Sent Indiscriminately to Children.
  • Many Spam Messages are Pornographic and/or Deal with Sexuality.
  • Existing Spam Filters’ Performance is Insufficient for Children.
On July 23, 2003, Consumer Reports presented a detailed overview of antispam products and services. They wrote:

“The battle between those who send unsolicited e-mail advertisements, commonly known as spam, and those blocking them has become an arms race. On one side are hordes of spammers who find ways, through technology and guile, to penetrate consumers’ inboxes, for example by misspelling telltale words like "V1agra" (for Viagra) or "D E B T" (for debt).

On the other side are Internet providers with industrial-strength spam-blocking software, vigilante organizations that blacklist spammers, and consumers armed with retail spam-blocking programs. This side is losing. Big time.

Between February and April 2003 alone, according to America Online (AOL), the maximum number of messages that spammers had lobbed toward the service’s 35 million customers in a single day tripled, to 2.4 billion. (See "Spam on the Rise," below.) A typical day’s volume averages about 1.5 billion. And those are just the ones AOL blocks and deletes. The service averages 7 million complaints daily about spam that reaches customers.”

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