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Is KidMail software available at stores and online shopping sites?

Yes! KidMail makes a great holiday gift or birthday present for your niece, nephew, granddaughter or grandson.

In North America, Kidmail is published by TOPICS Entertainment, as part of their acclaimed SpyderSoft brand of utility software. TOPICS is the leading publisher of educational reference and language learning software in North America.

Look for
SpyderSoft KidMail Safety™ at major retailers such as, Best Buy, and Wal Mart (Sam's Club)

The retail package includes a pre-paid annual subscription to™ -- The Safe E-Mail Service™ ( This unique, feature-rich service puts parents in control over who may contact their children through email. The service eliminates spam risks for young children as well as older kids and teenagers. IncrediMail setup included.

SpyderSoft KidMail Safety™ includes an interactive email program created specifically for kids (ages 5-9), encouraging expressive, artful communication with friends and family. Its five themed interfaces (Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Alien Space Cruiser, Tropical Island, Secret Agent, and Haunted House) entertain and delight children. KidMail also includes numerous editable greeting cards for special occasions. Children enjoy keeping in touch with relatives, sending mom or dad a smiley face at work, and connecting with friends; for example: confirming a play date, birthday party, or study time.

About the publisher:

TOPICS (SpyderSoft) is the largest and fastest growing privately held software publisher in the United States. TOPICS is based in Renton, Washington.

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