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How do I disable the KidMail recorded voice instructions, music, or sound effects?

Right away, KidMail speaks to children and helps them move about in the program. KidMail is filled with cool audio effects and hidden animations. When desired, the KidMail sound, music, and animation can also be turned off. Thank goodness.

Your child may never tire of it, but maybe you will. :-) Would you like KidMail to be quiet for a while? Here's how:

KidMail v4.0 let's the child or parent turn off recorded voice prompts (by the KidMail character) and/or the KidMail musical background themes. These settings are overall preferences for each child. They are turned on or off at the page linked from the "Your Personal Stuff" stamp. See the buttons labeled "music on/off" (theme music) and "animation on/off" (voice prompts and the character animation).

The fun typewriter keystroke sound effects and mouse click sound effects can be disabled at the page on which messages are edited (the Kids Word Processor).

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