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I've heard that it is impossible to filter 100% of pornographic SPAM messages. How can KidMail claim to make it safe for my children to use e-mail?

KidMail's unique approach to the SPAM problem is to hold back ***all*** incoming messages until they have each been approved by the child's parent or guardian. KidMail does not rely on a fallible computer heuristic for identifying SPAM and/or the servers that issue SPAM. It relies simply on parental review of incoming messages. You decide what gets received by your child. You will receive a cc'ed copy (or digest) of each message before it becomes available for download by your child. Your child's e-mail software is unaware of the existence of the message until you approve it. No message can reach your child unless you have indicated your approval. In this manner, KidMail guards not only guards against SPAM and virus contagions. It also prevents contact by pedophiles!

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