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If my child sends email to Grandma, does she need to have KidMail too?

Grandparents love to receive emails from their grandkids. Here's how a KidMail message will look when viewed with Microsoft Outlook.

Messages sent from KidMail v4.0 and IncrediMail can be read with most email systems on the market (For example: Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, MSN, webTV, GMail, Rediffmail, etc.).

With KidMail, your children will be inspired to communicate regularly with relatives and family friends. KidMail features numerous email greeting cards (also called eGreetings). These electronic greeting cards include pre-composed messages, such as birthday poems, thank you notes, and various holiday greetings (Christmas, Chanukah, New Years, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Easter, to name a few). Your child can embellish these messages or write a new creative message within the KidMail eGreeting. Kids really enjoy sending notes to grandparents. But more importantly, think of the joy it will bring to your mom or dad when they receive cheerful messages from loved ones!

Does Grandma or Grandpa not use email? Heidi Pollack (iVillage) has published a very interesting, informative, and timely article. She suggests ways to help grandparents prepare to receive and send email.

Getting Grandma Online
Children have never excelled at writing thank-you notes, and it isn't any different today, particularly when you try to get the young wired generation to use a pen and (gasp) paper. But since Grandma and Grandpa don't have email addresses, the kids don't have many options. The real question is, do the grandparents have any options aside from adopting new and possibly intimidating computer technologies just to keep in touch with friends and family?
Full text:,,272528_50153,00.html

What if your technology challenged parents or friends simply won't use a PC? What can you do??? Try KidMail + "Snail Mail"!

Your kids could compose emails that are to be printed out and physically mailed at the post office (nowadays that is called "snail mail"). It may sound silly, but it makes sense. KidMail is still a fun way for kids to compose creative email messages and greeting cards offline (KidMail eGreetings).

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