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Notes of Caution - Use of High Trust Settings

Absolute trust & privacy.

CAUTION! Although this setting seems appealing for close relatives and friends, we strongly discourage its use. There are two primary reasons:

(1) A trusted contact can potentially have his/her PC infected with a type of PC "virus" that takes control of his/her PC's e-mail program, causing virus-infected and/or pornographic messages to be sent to many or all contacts, including your child.

(2) The vast majority of child-abuse/pedophilia occurs with people known to the child and with whom there is trust (e.g. family members, close friends, even members of the clergy). We believe it is best to err on the side of caution!
This setting can be appropriate for older teens, who may insist upon certain privacies, and who are mature enough to recognize the dangers outlined above. Please make sure to discuss these dangers with your child before utilizing this trust setting.

Highly trusted sender.

This setting is also discouraged (but only for Incoming). It allows messages to reach the child before a parent might have reviewed the content. Therefore it causes similar vulnerability to a PC "virus" having infected a trusted contact's e-mail system. There is however somewhat less threat w/regard to child-abuse, since the messages are, in fact, duplicated for the parent.

For Outgoing e-mail, this is a useful trust setting and is applied by as the default Outgoing setting for trusted contacts (to avoid parents needing to approve every message a child sends to grandma, etc.). We caution that sent messages cannot be reviewed or recalled.

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