Teenagers want and deserve a greater degree of privacy. KidMail.net enables you to set high trust & privacy settings for their closest friends.

KidMail.net blocks SPAM and unwanted contact, creating a comfortable experience online.

Your teens are maturing intellectually and physically. Nourish their growth, facilitate their independence, and continue to safeguard their well-being.

Your teens are maturing intellectually and physically.

Let your teens have their independence, but make sure they remain safe while corresponding online.

KidMail.net you can be sure your children are not receiving pornographic spam nor being lured through e-mail correspondence with a pedophile!

Your kids can use nearly all of the popular e-mail programs, including Outlook, Eudora, and IncrediMail.

Teens love IncrediMail:

This excellent e-mail program was designed with the power and functionality of adult email software like Outlook and Eudora, but IncrediMail has many more cool, fun effects and incredible features!

Access KidMail.net via the web:

Many older kids need to access messages in various places, such as from home or school.

IncrediMail and mail2web are independent companies with products or services that happen to be compatible with KidMail.net. Parents please note that these companies offer free products, but generate part of their business income by advertising to their users.

* For help configuring IncrediMail, Outlook, Eudora, or mail2web for use with KidMail.net please visit our customer support pages.

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