E-MAIL ACCOUNTS: If you haven't already created a family account on KidMail.net, please click here to get started. Please also download e-mail software that is designed for use by kids. We recommend KidMail v4.0 for young children, and IncrediMail for teens. Both downloads are free. You can also get this software on CD. There is no charge!

(Download age-appropriate software for your family)



Young kids love our KidMail version 4.0 software. Right away, KidMail speaks to kids and helps them move about in the program.

KidMail is filled with cool audio effects and many hidden animations. With big buttons, voice instructions, and intuitive graphics, children have no difficulty mastering functionality that is comparable to adult e-mail software.

KidMail's powerful "kid's word processor" enables children to create expressive, colorful messages.

With a "QuickMessage" greeting card, your child can also select from among several designs for various special occasions, with suitable text that your child can edit and embellish, or replace with his or her own personal note!

Download KidMail v4.0 Now!
(recommended software for ages 5-9)

Teenage KidMail.net users may prefer to use IncrediMail for their e-mail messaging. This feature-packed program has a wide range of cool graphical effects and more elaborate
e-mail management features.

In our opinion, IncrediMail is much more exciting for maturing kids than e-mail clients such as Eudora and Outlook (which were designed for adult users). Take a look!

Download IncrediMail* Now!
(recommended for teenagers,
and for "teens" 9-12)
Download IncrediMail


Once the download completes, please run the self-extracting setup program. It will install a fully functional version of KidMail that is designed to connect to KidMail.net, The Safe E-Mail Servicesm
  * IncrediMail is an independent company offering software that happens to be compatible with KidMail.net. Parents please note that IncrediMail offers a free product, but generates part of its business income by advertising to IncrediMail users.

Apple users please note: We do not presently offer special software for young children on Apple computers. Nevertheless, Mac OS-X Mail is a very high quality email client that comes free with Mac OS-X and is quite easy for most children. Mac OS-X Mail works very well with KidMail.net.

* The illustrations on this page may include artwork of, and may also depict trademarks owned by IncrediMail Ltd, creators of the IncrediMail software that we recommend for kids nine and older. Images are used with permission.

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