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On a daily basis, we receive testimonials from subscribers throughout the world. We are pleased to share a sample of the many wonderful comments that we have received. We'd like to invite you to also share your thoughts with us!

We appreciate the tremendous enthusiasm for what we are doing. Thank you for choosing, the Safe E-Mail Service. Please continue to spread word about to your friends and relatives.

"This software was VERY easy to use and configure. I like the PCC [Parental Carbon Copy] feature of the service."

Washington, D.C.

"We love the graphics and the variety of email choices."

Richardson, Texas

"My kids like the easy format of KidMail 4.0 -- I like that the parent must approve the emails prior to being delivered to the recipient."

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

"My friend told me that it was very safe for her daughter and there was no spam at all so I thought of trying it. It is VERY safe. There is no spam or porn in here that will pop up."

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota USA

"What impresses us is how much more fun and child-friendly KidMail is than regular e-mail. It is worth every penny to know that my child can send e-mail to his friends and I know that he is safe while doing it."

Endicott, NY USA

"My kids are 7 and 8 years old and find it outstanding. They like the talking KidMail and choosing a stamp for each message! I love the ability to verify that my kids are receiving safe emails..."

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

"We love the animation, sound effects and graphics of the KidMail program for our young daughter..."

Bogota, Colombia

"It`s affordable, safe, and convenient -- and lets my teenagers put smilies in email!"

Las Vegas, NV (USA)

"KidMail lets our boy do what he really wanted to do -- write a letter like I do in the e-mail and send it. He was so interested in writing!"

New Castle, Indiana (USA)

"My five year old loves the clipart and the typwriter noise - she is now hooked on sending and receiving email to friends and family. As she types the messages she is definitely learning to read and write better. Great fun.

The Safe E-Mail Service is a neat solution to the problems caused by spam and porn on the Internet. By creating a trusted zone of friends and family, my children can have all the benefits of email without any of the dangers.

Toronto, Canada

"This is wonderful software. I have recommended to every parent I know! I was impressed with all the safety features that the software has. My son loves all the "bells and whistles". I really love the fact that all mail is approved by me first."

Indianapolis, Indiana

"The price is just right. The software is simple and offers a nice variety. I like The Safe E-Mail Service!"

St. Paul, Minnesota

"Our teenage boy and girl find valuable."

Barking, London (England)

"I love how I can monitor all the emails my daughter gets. The ease of use is excellent!"

Beeton, Ontario (Canada)

"I like that my son and daughter are receiving only safe messages and that I know who they are communicating with. is a good value for my family."

De Pere, Wisconsin USA

"My daughter likes using Incredimail with The Safe E-Mail Service. I feel like I can now allow her to use e-mail now without having to worry about spam, adult advertisements or online predators. Thank you KidMail!"

Cedar Park, Texas

"I liked the flexibility of the service and ease of use of -- what impresses me is the TRUST! I knew within a day that this service was right for my family."

Carnation, WA

"KidMail`s safety and ease of use is impressive. I like that it`s available -- our son is 7 and attends religious private school. What a great service!"

Atlanta, GA (USA)

"The Safe E-mail service gave me the secure feeling that my daughters would not be exposed to some of the unsolicted horror the net, unfortunately has to offer. It gives us peace of mind, and allows our girls to learn a valuable skill for their future."

Philadelphia, PA -- USA

"Our boys are 8 and 10 and use Eudora on a Macintosh. I like the security of knowing that all mail is previewed by me before approval. I`m glad senders are identified by a tag which indicates the level of trust we place in the sender. Our kids both love just having email and have been sending lots of messages. I looked at other products on the internet, but didn`t consider any seriously other than!"

San Francisco Bay Area, California USA


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